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    On the Improvement and Application of Valve Seal Structure

    Release time:2019-12-25 Author:fzy667 Source:Xingda Valve
    The problems that are more likely to occur during the use of the valve are strength and seal failure, which will inevitably cause waste of energy resources and safety issues. The improvement of the structural seal of the valve is the key work to improve the application quality of the valve. Deepening the research from the theoretical level can help improve the actual operation of the valve sealing structure.
    1 Influence factors of valve sealing structure and application points
    1.1 Analysis of influencing factors of valve sealing structure
    The degree of sealing of a valve needs to be determined in combination with its type and nature. The degree of sealing of a valve is also directly related to factors such as valve material and equipment tooling and technology. Any quality problem in any link will inevitably affect the application of the valve. Quality [1]. Combined with scientific design standards, the sealing structure must be designed as a cone or a sphere, but compared with a flat sealing structure, this sealing structure will have many adverse effects, the sealing surface is prone to abrasions, and there are many maintenance processes. It is also relatively easy to increase production costs, etc., and market sales will also have a great impact.
    The valve sealing surface is designed as a cone or a sphere, which will have adverse effects. A flat seal design is adopted. The sealing surface of the valve stem and bonnet is changed from the original cone shape to a flat contact style. This method is relatively limited. Equipment accuracy can be guaranteed, and processing is relatively easy. The length of time the valve is used is proportional to the number of times the valve is turned on and maintenance is relatively easy [2].
    1.2 Application points of valve sealing structure
    In the application of the valve sealing structure, we must pay more attention to several aspects, we cannot allow the valve to work in a relatively small opening, and the valve needle starts relatively slowly. Therefore, when the opening degree is small, the throttle interval is relatively small. It is also necessary to appropriately increase the pitch of the locking mechanism, increase the opening speed and lift of the valve needle, and the opening degree of the work will be further increased, which can effectively extend the use of the valve. cycle.
    In the practical application of the valve sealing structure, the medium temperature is more likely to affect the service life of the valve. Too high a medium temperature is more likely to shorten the valve life. In the specific use process, it is necessary to try not to apply the valve to high temperature media. The pressure relief valve is added with a cooling device, which can effectively prolong the service life of the valve. It is necessary to avoid the entry of impurities, which will affect the service life of the needle valve [3]. In addition, regular cleaning and filtering of high-pressure media is required. Filters are used for filtering when adding liquids. The use cycle should be appropriately shortened and the cleaning of the fuel tank should be properly performed. Only from these aspects has been given sufficient attention. Only to ensure the application quality of the valve sealing structure.
    2 Improved measures and effects of valve sealing structure
    2.1 Improved measures of valve sealing structure
    The improvement of the valve sealing structure can improve the performance of the valve sealing structure. If the industrial manufacturer's red valve sealing surface is damaged, it can be repaired by the corresponding Angfa. The grinding method is commonly used, which is more suitable for the situation where the valve sealing surface is damaged to a small extent. The grinding stone and sandpaper can be ground by adding an appropriate abrasive. It can also be applied by the method of deep repair, which is mainly processed by turning. The application of this method requires high time, consumes time and energy, and the hardness and quality of the material will change after deep processing, and the structural organization There will also be some changes [3].
    In the improved operation of the valve sealing structure, we must fully pay attention to the scientific application of the method. The valve sealing surface is a hard material structure, which is relatively difficult to repair. In the process of improvement, a small full-threaded bolt can be welded to the center of the end face of the valve disc. Teflon plate can also be used to support the gasket with the same size as the valve disk through the rubber plate. The gasket can be customized on the valve core, and the gasket and nut pressing device can be adjusted to ensure the gasket and corresponding The valves are used together.
    In addition, it is also important to improve the seal structure of the butterfly valve, which needs to be explained accordingly. In the current butterfly valve sealing structure, when the butterfly plate is under pressure, the sealing effect is relatively good. In the process of the medium pressing the butterfly plate in the reverse direction, the sealing effect is affected accordingly, especially for large-caliber valve problems. Obviously. In the process of improving the sealing structure of the valve, it is necessary to pay more attention to the design of the structure, and to be able to guarantee the good effect of the two-way metal type butterfly valve two-way sealing. The lower valve shaft and the valve body are fixed to require a tighter transition fit, which minimizes the clearance of the fit, and changes the pressure support point of the butterfly plate in time, which can effectively reduce the compression deformation of the butterfly plate. Furthermore, it is necessary to realize the compensation of displacement and elasticity through the double eccentric spherical structure and the elastic thin-walled metal ring structure. When the valve is in the open state, the stainless acid-resistant steel should be completely separated without causing wear. To avoid rust. When the valve is closed, the butterfly plate is pressurized in the forward direction, which will cause the displacement inner diameter of the elastic metal seal ring to increase, and the specific pressure value will increase, but it can ensure the minimum specific pressure value of the seal and improve the reverse sealing effect.
    2.2 Improved effect of valve sealing structure
    It can be seen from the improvement effect of the valve sealing structure that after actual application, it has a relatively good application effect, does not affect the flow rate of the valve channel medium, has a good sealing effect, and can not repair the damage to the valve sealing surface. Effectively resolved. When the valve has an internal leak, the actual problem can be solved by replacing the worn seal pad, which has a good cost saving effect. The soft sealing pad and the sealing surface of the hard valve seat will form a sealing joint surface. The rigid and hard seal before the improvement will become a soft and hard joint seal, which can effectively increase the sealing area. When there is minor damage to the sealing surface of the valve seat, it can be compensated by adjusting the opening degree of the valve screw and pressing the soft gasket. With the application of the improved valve sealing structure, maintenance is more convenient and the cost is relatively low.
    The improvement of the butterfly valve sealing structure also has a good effect, ensuring the quality of the structural design, extending the service life of the two-way metal sealing butterfly valve, and reducing the frequency of unit valve replacement. This can effectively reduce the overall cost. Reduce work intensity and improve work efficiency as a whole.
    In order to ensure the effectiveness of the valve sealing structure, it is also necessary to improve the protective measures. This needs to ensure that the length of the welding bolts on the valve plate cannot be too long, otherwise the sealing surface will be elevated, and the sealing effect will be affected. To select a suitable adjusting pad, the thickness should be slightly lower than or equal to the step height of the valve disc sealing surface, so that the gasket and the valve disc sealing surface can fit tightly and be on the same plane. It is also necessary to fully consider the conditions of use of the fluid medium to avoid factors such as medium corrosion and high temperature deformation affecting the use of the valve seal structure. When the degree of damage to the sealing surface of the valve seat is relatively serious, the valve seat must be discarded. The valve core can be used in conjunction with the valve seat of the same specification through improvement. The regulating valve should be marked so that it can be effectively avoided and slammed open and closed without affecting the service life of the gasket. The application of the improved method can greatly improve the use effect of the valve sealing structure. It is suitable for the globe valve with a simple streamlined structure. The fluid structure requires that different types of valves cannot be used.
    3 Conclusion
    In a word, the improved application of the valve sealing structure can improve the application quality of the valve. Corresponding protective work should be done in the application of the valve, which is also an important method to extend the service life of the valve. Through the improvement of the valve sealing structure and related application research above, we can theoretically have a better understanding of the improvement of the valve sealing structure, thereby providing a corresponding reference for the actual improvement work. The smooth implementation of the improvement work can ensure the safety of the valve, and it is necessary to do the corresponding improvement work from the perspective of safety.


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