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    Discussion on Improving the Quality Management of Mechanical Valve Purchasing Management

    Release time:2019-12-25 Author:fzy667 Source:Xingda Valve
    I. Purchase Mode
    (1) The lowest price winning model. Both domestic construction units and foreign construction units want to get the best products at the least cost. This has caused valve manufacturers to adopt practices and strategies to ensure winning the bid at any cost. However, in the process of valve bidding, valve manufacturing units adopt this "loss-loss" bidding method, which mostly reduces costs by "replenishing the cost", and then obtains profits. The cost of doing so has caused the loss of corporate integrity and often It became a "one-shot deal." Many valve manufacturers feel very aggrieved and often complain that the "rules of the game" are unreasonable. Under this model, such a low price and even the cost of the product are not enough. It is impossible to get the high quality required in the tender. product. This kind of complaint is understandable and sympathetic, but it cannot be completely agreed. At present, although many domestic petrochemical plants and coal chemical plant key parts of the key valves are ordinary valves, they have begun to use imported valves, and this tendency has shown a "rising" and "expanding" trend. It is a kind of sorrow for domestic valve manufacturing units, and it is bound to push some valve manufacturing units into a "dead end." In fact, why isn't this the result of domestic companies killing each other? Of course, from another perspective, the long-standing principle of survival of the fittest will surely make other valve manufacturing units that can maintain integrity and quality.
    (2) Discussion on the winning model of "valuing by quality". For the procurement strategy of “valuation by quality” of the valve, usually a small amount of advance payment is paid in advance, and the assessment is based on the service life and quality of the valve. More than%, this model is suitable for valve manufacturing units with strong financial strength. For most small and medium-sized valve manufacturing units in China, this model seriously affects the rate of capital return and the security of the capital chain, which is also unacceptable One of the main reasons.
    (3) "Framework procurement" model. The “frame procurement” model may be the most desirable method for all valve manufacturing units, but this procurement mode is rarely used by construction units for the simple reason that most valves required by industrial installations do not belong to the “high, precise, "Pointy" type, only the key parts of certain devices require "high, precise, sharp" valves, and the number is limited, so construction units generally do not use the "frame purchase" model for procurement.
    Second, the valve quality requirements
    No matter what kind of procurement model is adopted, the construction unit and valve manufacturing unit have a common desire, which is "maximizing benefits." As a construction unit, we always want to obtain the most suitable products at the lowest cost, that is, the most cost-effective products. During the bidding process, all valves will be submitted with composition requirements, structural specifications, quality inspection requirements, and transportation requirements. These requirements are sometimes relatively high and seem to be very severe.
    (1) The problem of not allowing repair welding is not impossible for the construction unit, but the price paid is too high, the filming is qualified for the second level, but the inspection is based on regulations. Therefore, the construction unit is often driven by benefits. Fortunate or simply cheating.
    (2) The problem of unreasonable division of procurement packages Some procurement units compile procurement packages that do not distinguish valve types, calibers, and materials. They are all bundled into one package, but subcontracting is not allowed. This results in only a few Manufacturers are able to do this, coupled with the increasing size of the device, the procurement period is very tight, so it has brought a market for "OEM".
    (3) The technical requirements cannot be inspected and inspected. For example, the source of raw materials is scrap steel or ore. There is no difference in the composition inspection. However, the difference in mechanical properties is very large, and it is impossible to take the finished product for destructive performance testing, and there is no standard specification that requires the product to be subjected to destructive performance testing; for example, individual requirements for the valve delivery state are normalized and quenched , Annealing, etc., as well as requirements for solution treatment and stabilization treatment, then whether the required heat treatment is performed, whether the heat treatment is performed in accordance with standard specifications, and other issues cannot be detected on the spot. After the construction unit delivers the purchased products to the warehouse, and then proposes it from the warehouse, after it is shipped to the site for installation and use, it will find a series of problems caused by the lack of heat treatment or the heat treatment is not in place. This kind of problem is increasing, and the contradiction between the construction unit and the valve manufacturing unit is also intensifying, and the end result is both losses.
    (4) There are many problems that do not understand the actual working conditions. There are many petrochemical plants and coal chemical plants. Valve manufacturing units often adopt a "constant response" attitude to valve manufacturing procedures and manufacturing requirements. However, once something goes wrong, the manufacturing unit cannot get out of touch. For example, the valve under the condition of hydrogen has the requirements of HIC-resistant steel, the forging valve has the requirements of forging ratio, and the requirements of heat treatment. The same materials are used for gate valves, globe valves, and ball valves, but the manufacturing requirements and use requirements are the same as Ordinary valves are actually different. For another example, the oxygen valve, even if the material used is 304, it has very different requirements from the general 304 material pipes and valves, and this requirement cannot be ignored. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult for many valve manufacturing units without petrochemical supply performance to enter the coal chemical industry. The problem of poor quality control is that some valves are found to delay the construction period before being shipped to the site for installation, while others are not found during the installation and only discovered during the production and use stage. This not only seriously affects the continuous production. Operation also brings hidden dangers to production safety, which must attract sufficient attention from construction units and valve manufacturing units.
    When purchasing a valve, the purchaser shall put forward detailed environmental and technical requirements of the valve, and the supplier shall carefully check the several major links in valve production in accordance with the purchaser's requirements and make a valve product that is satisfactory to the user. The buyer performs strict quality inspection and control of the supplier's valve according to the procurement technical conditions, and communicates with the supplier in a timely manner in the main procurement process in order to obtain reliable and stable valve products to meet the requirements of use.


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